Vet Manhattan KS

Frequently Asked Questions

What questions should I ask my vet on my first visit?

Always ask for suggestions on how to keep your pet in healthy condition. Our vets will explain which part you should focus more on in the next few weeks and gradually change. Vet Manhattan, KS will provide you with detailed instructions of what to expect of your new pet. You should also ask when your next appointment is, especially regarding the next injection for vaccines.

How do I prepare my dog to visit your clinic?

Stay calm and bring the necessary documents with you, especially your pet’s records. Always put a leash on your dog, or put it in a crate, and let it be friends with it. When you drive to our facility, make the drive enjoyable for your dog. Also, you have to invest time, so visiting us in advance will help your dog get used to it.

Should I bathe my dog before visiting your clinic?

We encourage our customers not to bathe their dogs for medical reasons. One of them is that our staff will have to carry your dog and check all parts that need to be dry.

How much is the average vet bill in your clinic?

The price is different for every animal and what conditions they are in. An annual checkup for a dog ranges from $200 to $400 and $90 to $200 for cats. Please note that emergency cases, grooming, and vaccinations are not included in the price. We advise you to take your pet to our clinic to get a detailed quote.

How often should I visit the vet?

We generally advise our customers to bring their pets to our facility once a year; however, if it is a new puppy or kitten, we recommend a weekly visit to monitor its health as they have more delicate bodies. A yearly checkup is enough to ensure your pet’s health and complete its vaccination.