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The ideal opportunity to ask your veterinarian and veterinary technician questions is during a wellness check-up. You can get answers as they arise between sessions if you have a solid working relationship with your veterinarian.

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Reasons your pet should have animal wellness center Manhattan, KS.

Annual or six-month checkups, sometimes known as "wellness checkups," can prevent your pet from suffering, save you money, and teach you more about your Pet Grooming In Manhattan. The optimum time to visit your veterinarian is before your pet becomes ill or injured, as this is known as preventive care. The benefits of frequent veterinary check-ups for your pet will be discussed at animal wellness center Manhattan. Let us dive in!

Your pet is an expert at concealing issues.
Cats and dogs have adapted to mask pain and disease by a brave front. That implies that by the time you discover something is wrong, they're in pain and can't disguise it anymore.

Your veterinarian is a pro at detecting and preventing issues.
With regular check-ups at pet wellness center Manhattan, your veterinarian can identify little indicators, such as changes in breathing, heart rate, eyes, and even slight swellings. These symptoms could indicate various issues, including digestive issues, kidney issues, pain, cancer, and other illnesses.

Animal Wellness Center Manhattan

During physical examinations, our veterinarians at Pet Wellness Manhattan look for the following things:

Glaucoma, high blood pressure, some malignancies, fungal infections, and your pet's overall nervous system health can all be detected during an eye check.

Ear exams aid in detecting and preventing infections and other problems before they become serious.

Poor dental health, an oral tumor, a lung disease, or even untreated diabetes can all cause bad breath.

You can rule out everything from infections to cancer by looking at swollen lymph nodes.

Circulatory health and blood, hormonal, and other disorders can be shown through heart murmurs and rhythm anomalies.

Many of your pet's major organs and other vital structures are housed in the abdomen. Your veterinarian can examine these organs for discomfort or enlargement.

Overall well-being
Are your pet's joints in good shape? Do they appear to be overweight or underweight? Your pet’s total health will be assessed by one of our veterinarians at animal wellness center Manhattan.

Our Wellness Examinations and Testing Can Help Your Pet Avoid Pain, Suffering, and Disease.
During a wellness check-up, our veterinarian sets a standard for your pet. When they see your pet when they're healthy, it's easier for them to figure out what's wrong with them when they're sick. Early detection of growing disorders by blood, urine, and stool testing can determine and treat them before they become serious.

Routine screening blood and urine tests, which may be included in your pet's wellness exam, can help detect diabetes and identify whether your pet is pre-diabetic.

Thyroid hormone overproduction can harm your pet's heart, kidneys, and eyes, as well as raise blood pressure to dangerous levels. Blood tests can identify thyroid level rises in your pet, as well as trends that may indicate an approaching elevation.

Mosquitoes distribute these parasites before they infect blood vessels. Infected dogs' comfort and prognosis can be improved by early identification through blood tests. Unfortunately, there is no safe and effective treatment for heartworms in cats. With regular heartworm preventative care from one of our specialists at animal wellness center Manhattan, your pet will be safeguarded from the start.

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Vet in Manhattan Kansas physicians have joined our team because they share our values and vision. For both you and your pet, animal wellness center Manhattan believes in compassionate, high-quality care. We provide thorough examinations, ample time to discuss findings and treatment choices, and exceptional pet care. Get in touch with us to schedule a tour of our veterinary hospital and meet our veterinarians and staff in person!