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You need the best care possible when it comes to the health of your pets.

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Health and wellness care for your pets in Manhattan, KS

Several household pets live shorter lifetimes than others, as we all know. With numerous diagnostic tests and operations, we can treat any underlying concerns. Of course, pets have long been considered members of the family. They deserve to be handled with tolerance and compassion in medical emergencies. Contact your Animal Hospital in Manhattan, KS, for the attention your pets require.

Services are available at the Animal Hospital in Manhattan, KS, for your pets.

When your pet isn't feeling well, it's common knowledge to take them to an animal shelter or a hospital. Your furry family members require the most excellent possible care. It's great if you place a high priority on your pet's health care. General pet care, immunization programs, nutrition counseling, and internal and external parasite avoidance follow a complete medical checkup.

Animal Hospital Manhattan KS

We have made a total commitment at our animal hospital in Manhattan, KS, to provide our patients with a comprehensive healthcare package and the highest quality veterinarian treatment. We have a separate care package for your cats and dogs; we also have our general services for all pets.

Pet daycare
Each pet gets lots of exercise, as well as fresh air and sunshine. We walk your pets individually unless other family members are staying with us, in which case we can walk in pairs. We suggest bringing food from home so that your pet's diet does not change while you are away. We know the challenges pet owners feel if their pet refuses to eat, we suggest bringing treats your pets are familiar with or anything to make their meal more appealing as this can make them more cooperative.

After Hours Emergency Care
When your regular veterinarian is not available after working hours in case of an emergency, you can take your pets to our pet hospitals in Manhattan. Once you arrive, we will take the necessary information and update your primary Vet in Manhattan Kansas. Your pets might be a little aggravated; we suggest putting a muzzle on them to avoid any accidents.

Diagnostic Pet Exams
Your pets will be examined by one of our veterinarians for any underlying medical conditions. Our Animal Wellness Center Manhattan has state-of-the-art imaging technologies to help with diagnosis and treatment planning. Our pet laboratory in Manhattan can test your pets for food or environmental allergies. At that time, their blood will be taken and transported to another laboratory. The findings will reveal which foods to avoid and which locations are ideal for your pets.

Dental Procedures
It is possible to assess your pet's oral health and discover several dental issues that could be fatal if left untreated with our procedure. As you may be aware, periodontal disease is common in puppies and kittens.

Surgical procedures
From spaying and neutering to complex surgeries, we make sure your furry companions are being cared for. During a surgical procedure, we monitor their condition while they are under anesthesia. Once they recover, we recheck their vital signs to make sure they get cleared for discharge or spend the night at the hospital.

Pain Management
Our office delivers the greatest quality of care using compassion and the most effective medical therapies available for controlling your pet's pain. Our team at Animal Hospital Manhattan, KS, has a custom pain management strategy to address your pet's individual needs effectively. Medication, complementary treatment, or a combination of the two may be included in this strategy.

We have different pain medications for every symptom or pain that would ease their pain. We offer our pet owners alternatives, such as generic medications that are available at our in-house pharmacy.